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"It's a bummer how much you throw away in Art School. I experimented with quite a few things; Ceramics, metal, rubber, plaster, dirt, fabric and such before realizing my favorite material grows on trees." - David Earle

1982 - Born - Houston, TX

2000 - Graduated from high school in Bellevue, WA.

2004 - Graduated from the Stella Elkins Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2009 - Relocated from Seattle to Vashon Island

One winter in Philadelphia, a heavy storm took down some massive trees around the campus. Given some native Oak and Hard Maple rounds, David carved spoons, spatulas, small bowls, and other things from the green wood.

After returning to the Seattle area, his father offered an unused garden shed for a work space. David found a wood lathe was a very efficient way to create things from wet timber. Not long after, he quit his job as an estate gardener and hasn't looked back.

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